Our Investors Come First

Delivering returns for our investors is our privilege and absolute priority. We align our interests with those of our investors by making significant investments in our own funds. Our long-term success depends on putting our investors’ interests ahead of our own and we view every decision we make through the prism of what is best for our investors.




Integrity Is Paramount

Integrity is our most precious asset and requires an unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior. We at ECP foster an environment of integrity in all aspects of our daily lives, whether we are communicating among ourselves, speaking to current or potential investors, or working with our partners, co-investors, and other stakeholders.





One Team and One Firm

Our team is more than the sum of our individual contributions. Working together, we take advantages of our unique diversity and create a unified organization behind a common goal: to serve our investors. We recognize and reward teamwork in which each member is himself responsible for a high level of professionalism. In this context, trust and mutual respect are essential.





Passionate About Our Work

We are passionate about our firm, our portfolio companies and investing. We think big, we think long term, and we seek to identify unique opportunities. Our significant presence on different continents allows us to roll up our sleeves and get involved with our companies. We provide guidance and support that lifts performance and profitability and, as a result, we have historically achieved above-market financial returns and build sustainable businesses that provide lasting benefits to their communities.





World Class in All We Do

We strive to ensure that our structures, systems, and procedures are among the best in the global industry. We expect a similar adherence to world-class values and ethics from our business partners and portfolio companies. We treat all elements of our business with rigor, discipline, and attention to detail.