Opus Fund Partners’s set of values is the base of its strong corporate culture. These values guide the teams every day. They are also a feature of Opus Fund Partners’s relationships with all stakeholders: investors, entrepreneurs, partners and friends.





We believe that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are key to growth and development, as they create jobs, value addition and also generate positive social, environmental and governance impacts.





Build trustful long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs while providing them with financial, strategic and operational support on one hand, and environmental, social and governance guidance/advice on the other.




Alone, you go faster, together, you go farther!


The Motivation Pillar: the essence of the action itself

Even if we encounter tremendous challenges, we still keep the necessary enthusiasm and energy to move forward. It is this motivation which is at the heart of OPUS FUND PARTNERS and which enables it to act action.


The Vision Pillar: the foundation of entrepreneurship

This vision permits us to be creative and to find new ways to invest in order to be always able to innovate in a sustainable environment. Our goals are pristine, we gear our choices and actions only towards our goals.


The Resilient Pillar: To keep on moving despite the difficulties

In the framework of societal responsibility, we integrate the fact that it is not the fittest that survive, but those that are fast to adapt themselves to change.


The Connection Pillar: To know all the right people to better move forwards

Through our capacity to communicate, we devote all our efforts to create synergies in order to establish a positive impact on the financing of our projects but also in the interest of the publics which manage our environment.